Installation view: Aarhus Kunsthal, Denmark, 2011

Installation view: Aarhus Kunsthal, Denmark, 2011


3-channel video installation, 2011

HD video. Color / B&W. Total duration: 39:22 min. 

The video installation Retake: Mayday is framed around the U.S. propaganda film Mayday on Cheju-do shot on Jeju Island on May 1st, 1948. This archive film has become a principal visual representation of the Jeju April Third Massacre because it is the only existing moving image representation of the event. However, the film was made by the United States Military Government to alter the truth of the Jeju 4.3 Incident by fabricating scenes that show how alleged communist guerrillas burned Ora Village and killed the civilian residents.

In the 3-channel video installation Retake: Mayday, the US propaganda film is shown unaltered as the center video, while the other two videos, through a survivor, her son, and a filmmaker, question the notion of documentary truth by deconstructing the film’s propaganda. In doing so, they create a counter-narrative to the archive film and the official narrative of the division of the Korean peninsula. 

Video excerpt: Retake: Mayday


Directed, conceptualized, edited: Jane Jin Kaisen

Cast: Kim Dong Man, Song Seung Mun, Koh Nan Hyang

Photography: Guston Sondin-Kung, Jane Jin Kaisen