Installation detail: 2017 Jeju Biennale

Liquid States

HD video installation. Color. 11:39 min. loop

There is a mountain that goes by many names and that is divided between what is today North Korea and China. In Korean it is called Mt. Baekdu, while it is known in China as Changbaishan. Being an active volcano, the mountain is sacred to various cultures. A source of awe, pilgrimage, and territorial disputes, the tales that surround it are plentiful and cultural representations speak to the magnitude of its imaginary proportions.

Liquid States references painterly representations of the mountain. The mountain testifies to deep time against the rapidly changing weather conditions at the peak, which become apparent over the course of the 11:39 single take. Both encompassing and uncompromising, the mountain can be seen as a metaphor of the current state of affairs in the region. Although volcanic activity was recently measured at the mountain, it lies for the moment dormant, yet it is ever transforming.