In collaboration with Guston Sondin-Kung

Single channel video / 4-channel video installation, 33:45 min. 

Narrated in four parts, Remains addresses entangled memories of war in East Asia from a gendered perspective. Through vivid contemporary imagery and archival material, the film testifies to the traumas and postwar memories of the Harbin Unit 731 Bacteriological Warfare program, the Battle of Okinawa, the Korean War, the Jeju April Third Resistance, and continuous militarization in the region. The necessity of understanding the entangled memory space of East Asia through a multidirectional lens is accentuated by the four narrators, Wang Xuan, Suzuyo Takazato, Kozue Akibayashi, and Koh Chunja, who have been pioneering as advocates of historical acknowledgment and postwar reconciliation beyond nation state boundaries. 

CONCEPT, CINEMATOGRAPHY & EDITING: Jane Jin Kaisen & Guston Sondin-Kung

VOICES IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE: Wang Xuan, Suzuyo Takazato, Kozue Akibayashi, Koh Chunja

RESEARCH ASSISTANCE AND LOCATION SUPPORT: Kozue Akibayashi / Chiyo Wakabayashi / Yoshiko Shimada / April 3rd Incident Bereaved Family Association in Japan / Gyongsu Mun / Kwanghyun Oh / Ryungna Byun / Kiku Nakayama / Space Yui / Suzy Kim / Sung Suh / Tetsumi Takara / Laura Kina / Sakima Art Museum / Kanae Uema / Masami Kawamura

TRANSLATION: Youngsook Han TRANSCRIPTION AND ASSISTANT TRANSLATION: Hanna Kim / Kozue Akibayashi / Mi-jeong Kang

LOCATIONS: CHINA: Unit 731, Pingfang District in Harbin / The Museum of the Imperial Palace of Manchukuo in Changchun / Train from Changchun-Shenzhen / Songhua River Bridge / street scenes and market in Harbin. NORTH KOREA: Pyongyang. JAPAN: Tokyo: Ueno Station / Yasukuni Shrine / Tokyo Imperial Palace / Okinawa: Chibichiri Gama / Okinawa Peace Memorial Park / Korean Memorial Tower / Yomitan / Henoko / Ginowan City Hall / Futenma Air Base / Naha City / Ginowan City / Jungle Warfare Training Center / Kanna Dam Kohan Park / Daisekirinzan Yanbaru National park / Osaka: Nishinari-ku / Tsuruhashi. SOUTH KOREA: Jeju City

COMMISSIONED BY The Jeju Museum of Art.