Multimedia installation, 2011

Light and Shadow: 22 framed triptych texts (70 x 36 cm)  

Additional installation components: 

Dictionary, Vocabulary, Maps 

 A Textual Basis

Leave Early and Come Back at Dusk

Dissident Translations catalogue

Light and Shadow is based on the artist's discovery of her paternal grandfather's memoir, which he wrote in 1997 when he was eighty years old. Translated into English the memoir carries the title ´Light and Shadow´. Not reading Korean, Kaisen had the book translated in order to understand its content. The work is presented as 22 framed triptychs composed of a selection of 22 pages from the artist´s grandfather´s memoir in Korean, their translation into translation into English, and the artist´s response to her grandfather´s memoir and the politics of translation. The narratives of grandfather and granddaughter oscillate between relating closely– and deviating or directly contradicting each other in addressing concepts of originality, affinity, responsibility, history, memory, language and translation.