3-channel video installation, 16:35 min. 2007

The library and the archive as sites of knowledge and power are reflected by a number of characters, The Royal Archivist, The Conceptual Collector, The Unnamable, The Anarchist, and the Librarian who represent different subject positions within the architecture of the library and the archive. The characters were developed from interviews with individuals whom in different ways have stakes in the archive and its relation to knowledge and power. Statements from the interviews were then re-enacted by the interviewees within archives in Denmark, the United States and South Korea. 

Conceptual Cathecrals was made for the exhibition Unnamable Name - An installation within the book stacks, a group exhibition at a public library for which artists were asked to create works to be exhibited in between the bookshelves. The exhibition was a reaction to restrictions on intellectual freedom charged upon public libraries throughout the United States after 9/11 with the USA PATRIOTS ACT.



Editing, Concept, Instruction: Jane Jin Kaisen

Camera: Carl Johan Sennels / Jane Jin Kaisen

Script Development: Dag Petersson, Jan Bäcklund , Tobias Hübinette, Deborah Caldwell-Stone

Actors: Dag Petersson - The Royal Archivist, Jan Bäcklund - The Conceptual Collector, Tobias Hübinette - The Anarchist. Jennifer Gonzalez - The Librarian

Dancer: Sun Hee Engelstoft – The Unnamable

Voiceovers: Vera Maeder, Runo Lagomarsino

Sound Assistance:  Karl Fitzke

Locations: The Royal Danish Library, The Royal Danish Library Garden, The Image Collection at the Royal Danish Library, Boby Bar in Copenhagen, Vangsgaard Antikvariat in Copenhagen, The National Museum of Art in Denmark. The National Assembly Library in South Korea, The Whitney Museum of American Art at Frances Mulhal Achilles Library & Archives in New York

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation