Single channel, 29 min. Color / B&W, 2005

Accentuation is an experimental art film loosely structured around a journey described in the novel From Holmen’s Canal to the Eastern Part of Amager by Hans Christian Andersen. Driven by a search for meaning and a place in language, the film interweaves the artist’s personal journey to South Korea with the search for traces of the famous Danish fairy-tale writer. Similar to Anderson's feverish novel, Accentuation unfolds in a layered and non-chronological manner and invokes archetypical fairy-tale figures such as the Shadow and the Double to invoke impressions of loss, displacement, and translation.


Directed, conceptualized, edited: Jane Jin Kaisen

Voiceover: Jane Jin Kaisen, Bu Seong Bin

Camera: Jane Jin Kaisen, Bu Seong Bin

Sound post production: Niels Plenge